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OutlookMovie is online application aimed at Feature Films, TV Shows and Commercials production teams to assist pre-production, filming and post-production.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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Tailor-made for the movie industry

The only application in the industry which offers multiple and unique services like for production such as Storage, Scheduling, Purchase Orders, Cost Report, Call Sheets with unlimited users per license.


Stay in Touch

Keeping a close contact with Film Crew is the best way for OutlookMovie to be improved.


The Best Value Solution

Production companies purchase one OutlookMovie licence for exclusive use per project. OutlookMovie offers the best price with many more features in one licence than any other similar applications.


Our Goals

OutlookMovie has been founded in 2006. We are in constant research for new ideas to increase a better communication among the film crew using new technologies but not abusing new technologies.


Schedule & Communicate

The OutlookMovie’s online breakdown and scheduling program allows the Assistant Directors Team to work simultaneously and easily communicate with the crew.


Store & Share

The OutlookMovie cloud has unlimited space allowing you to store and share all production documents such as Mood Board, Storyboards, Sets Drawings, Costumes Sketches, Location Scout Pictures, Casting photos, Videos etc...


Accounting & Reports

OutlookMovie provides an online Accounting System including Purchase Orders and Cost Reports with controlled and secured access.

Features for

The application is mainly used for Features Films, TV shows and Commercials. OutlookMovie allows the film crew to easily synchronize their work collaboratively.

OutlookMovie contains a Breakdown and Scheduling program and easily stores All Docs: Schedules, Casting lists, Call Sheets, Production Reports, online Purchase Orders and much more. All uploaded data are the property of the license holder.

Download the regularly updated mobile app now and get easy access to Schedule, Script, Crew list, Cast list, Scouting pictures etc.

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Producers and Directors

Maintain your line of communication with your crew at anytime and anywhere.


Line Producers and Casting Directors

Maintain your line of communication with your crew at anytime and anywhere.


Unit Production Managers and Assistant Directors

OutlookMovie creates Callsheets and and runs an On-line Progress Report system. It also creates an online user-friendly Schedule and Breakdown which allows the AD team to work interactively, on the same live document enabling the crew to be informed as quickly as required.


Crew Members

Take advantage of the unlimited database system and share all files including text documents, images, videos and sound recordings on the OutlookMovie application.


Co-ordinators and Production Assistants

The cast, the crew and the suppliers are all one click away – either by Email or SMS.



Create your Purchase Orders online and manage your cost reports and budgets.




Test OutlookMovie website application for free to discover all the features.

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Marc Jenny

CEO OutlookMovie

OutlookMovie s.r.o

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VAT No: CZ 271 889 57

Alex Tuzar

Head of Development